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Why falling out of postures in yoga can help you out MAJORLY in day to day life!

We all know the one, we're aiming for tree pose, we're attempting a new posture, or we're simply just trying to hold Warrior 2, and then bam... Off balance, uncontrolled, far from centred and we're all over the shop. The ego kicks in, we get frustrated and then we're in this wild circle. We haven't embraced the opportunity, so we didn't learn the lesson. What lesson? MIND SPACE. SOUL SPACE. SET YOURSELF FREE. Our challenges are not our enemies, they highlight areas we can improve upon. They are FREE blessings placed right in front of our eyes, and sometimes we can't even see them. If only we could see the opportunity to improve upon our weaknesses? Imagine how much we could level up with our strengths..? We could go from trying to hold the warrior posture to actually becoming the warrior! Not all imbalances scream weakness in our body, but perhaps they highlight growing space in our mind. Everyday that we live is not smooth sailing, so every practice won't be either. Not everything will go our way, but the one thing we are in control of is how we respond: we have a choice to accept that our body or mind is in a different place and we can re-centre, perhaps even finding an alternative that help us focus on aligning ourselves again. When we can let go of what was, what we are used to, what we think should be, and just be present in the moment. We can be kinder to ourselves, evolving and adapting in the moment toward conscious elevation here and now.

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