**Due to the current restrictions we are only operating online at the moment

We provide smaller group yoga classes in Faversham, Kent & luxury wellness events all over the South East. Our mission is to help our clients to find more inner clarity and take ownership of their unique vibe through bringing people together in elevating group spaces. 

We consider our studio a yoga experience, it's more than just a class where you take to the mat. With no more than 10 x people to a class you will always feel a part of the room with an engaged energy from your teacher. Our teachers pride themselves on having a real balance of caring for the physical aspect of yoga, but sharing doses of mindfulness & philosophy for you to create a nourishing practice from start to finish. We're here to help you move through mental & physical limitations. 

Of course, some of our classes will leaving you with a full body sweat (particular our Vinyasa Flows) but we do not consider ourselves a studio using yoga strictly for 'fitness'. Our studio is a space that welcomes you for whatever you're choosing to practice yoga, but know that we always incorporate the mind, body and soul elements to our classes.



Founder of Actively Alive
Yoga Teacher 

Nicola's mission has always been to help people find stillness amongst movement & mindfulness to make space for growth & realignment. In Nicola's classes you can find a deep feel for care around energy, mind & body. 

You can experience light touches of yoga philosophy, warming quotes and heart felt movement. 

Yoga Teacher

Amara is a light and bubbly personality who brings the essence of lightness & depth to her classes. With a real flare for Vinyasa with her fluid flows & yoga philosophy.

Originally from the Cayman Islands, you can really feel that by the sea vibe from Amara of freeness, open mindedness & calm both in her flows and in her presence

We're currently recruiting yoga teachers. If you're a teacher, with your whole heart in what you do, you have a spring in your step when it comes to where you excel best, and want to share your vibe with us to see if there's potential to teach in our space, drop us an email on info@activelyalive.co.uk