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Our schedule is designed to create practices from the moment we rise to the moment we sleep. With offerings that vary from 7am to 9.30pm Mon-Sun, we open the window for more people in Kent to practice at a time that works for them. We hire teachers that pour their heart into the yoga style they teach and can offer the most value to the students, meaning every class beams with attentive teaching.

Our attention to the internal of our business is as important as the external. We create yoga experiences, over a place to just come and ‘take a class’.

We create ease with direct FREE parking outside of the studio, a studio setting overlooking water, a retreat feel & a cozy set up that feels like a home away from home to offload. 


Nicola Yoga Photo.jpeg

Founder of Actively Alive
Yoga Teacher 

Nicola's mission has always been to help people find stillness amongst movement & mindfulness to make space for growth & realignment. In Nicola's classes you can find a deep feel for care around energy, mind & body. 

You can experience light touches of yoga philosophy, warming quotes and heart felt movement. 

Ruth Oriordan.jpeg

Yoga Teacher

Ruth is our teacher who offers the Restorative Sundays that call anybody who would like to find DEEP REST. Ruth caring touch to her practices is assisted by lots of yoga props and blankets to help the body and mind settle right back into stillness. 


Soul Space.jpg

Yoga Teacher

Tamarin brings a sweet balance of focused flow & the light heart we all need to feel a sense of ease. She teaches 3 x Vinyasa Flow practices in the studio, and loves teaching people to move and find a physical flow to be able to reach a state of mental flow by the end of the class. If you have a lot of energy to let go of, her classes will be for you! 

With qualifications in Yoga Therapy as well, you can expect a sense of care and attention to postures that settles the soul of each individual. 


Gaby Actively Alive.jpg

Yoga Teacher & Studio operations

Gaby is a ball of energy who has been a studio members for YEARS. Upon graduating her Yin Yoga training this was the easiest transition process for her taking to the teaching mat and joining our teaching family. 

Intentional classes, cared for energy and warm friendly vibes at every encounter in Gaby's Yin practices.

Saskia Yoga.jpeg

Yoga Teacher

Saskia is an approachable yoga teacher who cares for the diversity and accessiblity of being able to practice yoga. Her calming essence diffuses into her classes and can be felt as soon as you walk in the room.

Her classes carefully integrate both mind, body & soul to experience the full benefits of wellness practices.

Jade Pooley Yoga.jpg

Yoga Teacher 

Jade teaches our Tuesday evening Gentle Flow classes, you'll find nourishing flows on the mat with Jade as she takes you through sequences that feel purifying for the mind and body. Jade trained to become a teacher in Bali & continued to teach there after. We cannot wait for you to experience all of her energy!