May 22, 2019

We all know the one, we're aiming for tree pose, we're attempting a new posture, or we're simply just trying to hold Warrior 2, and then bam... Off balance, uncontrolled, far from centred and we're all over the shop. The ego kicks in, we get frustrated and then we're i...

March 21, 2019

Yoga is transforming the lives of people every single day. We're unravelling what's behind the postures, the headstands and the stretches and sharing how much deeper the practice goes and how people around us are utilising the lessons and discoveries from the m...

January 20, 2019

As with anything, starting something new can be completely uncomfortable, and totally out of your comfort zone. As much as you want to do it, there's still that voice that says you're not ready. LUCKILY, you've jumped into the right place! You might think yoga is about...

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How practicing Yoga has helped PhD student and powerlifting competitor upgrade her mindset, life and training!

March 21, 2019