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Yin Yoga

The practice that is FULL of stillness & calm. Perfect for the beginner to yoga, craving calm & slowing down. You'll get a lovely release in the most chilled out environment. Think yoga bolsters, blankets and total comfort.

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Gentle Flow

Beginner to flow classes and you have Friday mornings free? Join our 10am class to move, stretch and breathe at a comfortable pace. Learn the foundation of a Vinyasa class at a much slower tempo without the strenuous challenge


Relax & Restore

Imagine Yin Yoga but even more relaxation. This class promotes ultimate restoration. Zero experience on the mat needed, just a willingness to want to breathe, soothe your nervous system, and find peace


Vinyasa Flow

A blend of challenge, deep release & constant flow on the mat. A class to focus the mind & leave feeling a physical & mental release. You're going to build a sweat in this practice!

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The best way to experience all of these classes is to try our 30 Days for £30 (Unlimited Classes). A month of trying different classes, seeing what works for you and building a positive consistent habit!

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